#Donation #Campaign from #TKBakery
Together we spread the spirit of 
#Filial #Piety during #ParentsDay

This is TK bakery's maiden endeavor in sponsoring such meaningful campaign in advocating the virtue of filial piety.

During this Parents' Day period from 3-12 May 2019 and 7-16 June 2019, TK Bakery will Donate RM2.00 for every birthday cake purchased. Proceeds are for the Super Panda's book publication sponsorship of "Declining Years"; senior citizens living in old folk's home. The distribution includes Chinese vernacular primary pupils throughout the country, a noble cause as to put forth the virtue of filial piety, educating the children to express love for their parents by giving their parents a hug and say:"I Love You, Daddy & Mummy."

We are here to encourage everyone to share the post and to encourage everyone to respect their parents for the upbringing.

We are also taking this opportunity to thank 
#SuperPanda Team for inviting us for joining their journey in spreading out the spirit of filial piety.

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