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Jul 01, 2020

以RM50购买就算分好几次吃也能吃撑的蛋挞! ​ RM50 for the ultimate egg tarts pleasure!

棠记50周年庆 | 蛋挞王子闪亮登场,全年优惠享不完!


活动 // 以RM50购买就算分好几次吃也能吃撑的蛋挞!
【活动购买日期】2020年7月1日~7日, 21日~28日


TK Bakery 50th Anniversary Celebration - Amazing perks for you all year long!

At TK Bakery, spending a mere RM50 could reward you with a unlimited flow of our signature egg tarts - You choose what you like!
In celebration of TK Bakery's 50th anniversary, we are rolling out [50 specials] promo for your sweet tooth!

Promo // RM50 for the ultimate egg tarts pleasure!
So you're a die-hard egg tarts fan? This is for you! Spend RM50 to purchase the [Ultimate Egg Tarts Vouchers] and you're entitled for 30 signature egg tarts. You can split and collect your tarts at anytime of the year! Having a sweet craving today? Claim some tarts now. Looking for something special next week? Claim some tarts then. These goodies with soft jiggly egg custard wrapped in buttery crusts are available anytime at your service.
[Promo Purchase Period: NOW - 7/7/2020 & 21/7/2020 - 28/7/2020]
[Promo Redemption Period: NOW - 31/12/2020]

What's a better gift than one that can bring you and your loved ones happy taste buds and satisfied tummies? Spend your RM50 wisely at TK Bakery! It's worth it we promise!

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