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Jul 26, 2021

Egg Tart Day 棠记蛋挞日

只要在每个月的1号当天购买棠记蛋挞,就同样能够享有最好吃的蛋挞「*买一对、送一对」优惠,售完即止 ‼️
这是TK Bakery棠记兄弟饼家在获得「2019马来西亚纪录大全——蛋挞每日平均销售超过一万个」的殊荣后,给予大家的感恩回馈。
In the blink of eye, August is just around the corner……and TK Egg Tart Day is coming again❗
Every customer is entitled to the “*BUY 1 Pair FREE 1 Pair” PROMOTION on our TK Egg Tart Day on 1st August. ( Free egg tarts to be redeemed from 2nd - 15th of the month)
This is also to show the appreciation to our customers as we have been awarded as the "LARGEST EGG TART RETAILER" in the Malaysia Book of Records.
*Limited to 1000 pcs of free egg tarts per outlet
*Valid for TK App Members only
*T&C apply
For more information:
赶快下载棠记APP成为棠记会员吧 Download TK APP
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Terms & Conditions (条规):

  1. Free Egg Tart Voucher limit to 500 pcs per outlet per day.
  2. Each voucher can redeem free 2pc / 4pcs / 6pcs Egg Tarts only.
  3. The mechanics of the promotion as below:
    1. Buy 1 piece of egg tart will not receive free voucher.
    2. Buy 2 or 3 pieces of egg tarts will receive 1 free 2pcs Egg Tarts voucher only.
    3. Buy 4 or 5 pieces of egg tarts will receive 1 free 4pcs Egg Tarts vouchers only.
    4. Buy 6 pieces and above will receive 1 free 6pcs Egg Tarts vouchers only.
  4. Each member will only receive 1 pcs voucher per day.
  5. Valid for Traditional Egg Tart only. Butter Egg Tart Excluded.
  6. Valid for walk-in & TK E-Store Members only.
  7. Valid for all TK Bakery App Members only.
  8. Not Valid purchase with other promotions, discount, or voucher.
  9. Promotion on every 1st of each month.
  10. Free Egg Tart Voucher can be redeemed from 1st to 15th of the issued month.
  11. The balance amount of the receipt must be paid by bearer with TK WALLET CREDIT only.
  12. Limited time offer
  13. TK Bakery reserved the rights to change, modify, add or delete portion of the terms & conditions at anytime, without prior
  • 每一间分行当天只限发送500张蛋挞折扣卷。
  • 每张蛋挞折扣卷可以兑换2粒、4粒、6粒蛋挞。
  • 优惠如以下:
    • 购买1粒蛋挞没有折扣卷。
    • 购买2或3粒蛋挞可以拿到最多1张兑换2粒蛋挞折扣卷。
    • 购买4或5粒蛋挞可以拿到最多1张兑换4粒蛋挞折扣卷。
    • 购买6粒或以上可以拿到最多1张兑换6粒蛋挞折扣卷。
  • 每位会员最多一天最多可以拿到1张折扣卷。
  • 只限于普通棠记蛋挞。牛油蛋挞不包括在内。
  • 只限于当天在分行店内或TK Estore购买者才可以拿到蛋挞折扣卷。
  • 只限TK Bakery App会员享有此优惠
  • 不得使用于任何其他优惠。
  • 优惠期间为每个月的1号。
  • 免费蛋挞折扣卷只限于当月的1号-15号之内使用。
  • 只限于使用TK WALLET CREDIT以付款收据的余额。
  • 限定时间, 限量销售,卖完为止!
  • 棠记保留随时更改,修改,添加或删除部分条款和条件的权利。
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