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Feb 28, 2023

[TK Go Gold] 加入黄金会员,成为我们的VVIP

[TK Go Gold] 加入黄金会员,成为我们的VVIP



- 全年蛋挞

- 会员积分换礼品

- 有新产品第一个给你吃

- 会员折扣少不了

- 生日蛋糕礼券

- 还有很多...




[TK Go Gold] Join TK Gold Member & Become Our VVIP

The wait is finally over! We are here to introduce our March Big Deal!

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this out! Countless perks for you!

- Enjoy egg tarts all year long

- Collect member points to redeem prize

- Priority access to new products

- Member discounts

- Birthday cake voucher

- And many more…

All these for only RM39? YESSS it’s real! Promo valid for March 2023 only. Download TK app now or visit your nearest outlet!



Step to buy on TK E-Store:

  1. Each member only allows to buy 1 time.
  2. Only available for member purchase.
  3. Step to buy:
    1. Choose self-pickup.
    2. Choose any outlet.
    3. Choose Golden Member.
    4. Make payment.
    5. Status automatically become Gold member.

Terms & Conditions (条规):

  1. Valid for All TK Bakery Outlets and E-Store.
  2. Must pay RM39 to upgrade to Gold Member in TK App.
  3. Validity of the pass – 1 year
  4. Valid purchase with original price only.
  5. Promotion Valid from 1 March 2023 – 31 March 2023.
  6. Redeemable in a single receipt / one transaction.
  7. Limited Time and While Stock Last.
  8. Gold member Daily Free Egg Tart will start from 1 April 2023 until 31 March 2024.
  9. TK Bakery reserved the rights to change, modify, add, or delete portion of the terms & conditions at any time, without prior notice.

  1.  此优惠适用于全部棠记分行和E-Store。
  2. 需以RM39购买以在TK App升级至黄金会员。
  3. 有效时限-一年。
  4. 只限于原价购买。
  5. 活动日期:3月1日2023年至3月31日2023年。
  6. 只限于单一收据或交易 。
  7. 限定时间,存货有限。
  8. Gold Member每日兑现免费蛋挞活动将在1日4月2023年开始,维持一年至31日3月2024年。
  9. 棠记保留随时更改,修改,添加或删除部分条款和条件的权利。
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