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Apr 23, 2021



不如今年就来一点不一样的吧。 ????买一朵康乃馨送给妈妈吧!


在这个5月7日至5月9日之间购买任何一粒蛋糕并加RM0.99, 就可以拿到一支高贵的 Florism De Art 康乃馨花。

原价RM15.90一支的 Florism De Art 康乃馨花,现在只要RM0.99哦。


今年就来个不一样的母情节吧。 买一支康乃馨送给妈妈吧!用花表达出我们的祝福,愿妈妈们永远年轻美丽。



Have you ever gave a flower as gift to your mom?????
It doesn't have to be a bunch of flowers but just a flower. ????
Have you?????
Well, Mother's Day is approaching soon!
Let's buy a Carnation for your mom and celebrate a different Mother's Day this year.

Sometimes it's hard to speak out our deep thoughts to our parents. Why not take some action to buy a Carnation this year?

Let your flower show your love to your mom!

TK Bakery is giving you an offer. Buy any whole cake and top up RM0.99 to get a Florism De Art Carnation!

Original Price: RM15.90

We knew Carnations can be expensive during Mother's Day. No worry. 

Now you can buy one for only RM0.99!

Let's celebrate a different Mother's Day this year. 

❤️Mom, I Love You❤️

Terms and Conditions Apply.

现在就光顾????棠记兄弟饼家Klang Valley分行购买吧:

Puchong - 603-8071 1777
Sri Petaling - 603-9057 9926
Pudu - 603-2141 1126
Bukit Tinggi - 603-33115923
Setia Alam - 603-5879 8107
Damansara Utama - 603-7726 6133
Kota Damansara - 603-6143 1218
Subang -  603-5632 0433
Serdang -  603-95441576
Balakong - 603-9544 2103
Taman Segar -  603-9134 4820


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