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Nov 03, 2021

11月份棠记周年优惠 充值RM50 即送RM50现金折扣券!

【11月份棠记周年优惠 充值RM50 即送RM50现金折扣券❗】

TK Bakery棠记兄弟饼家 周年庆即将来临!棠记会员们你们的好康也绝不迟到❗❗❗
在 2021年11月8日~14日 优惠活动期间,只要你通过TK APP电子钱包充值 RM50,即可对应获赠5️⃣张价值 RM10 的电子现金折扣券——也就是说,一次性可获得总价值 RM50 的现金折扣券!✨✨✨

每逢棠记周年庆,作为棠记对于忠实顾客们的感恩回馈,这项超超超超值优惠在活动期限内可⚡无限次使用⚡,每次充RM50 就送RM50,简直是豁出去啦!


✔线下门店每消费满 RM25 即可配合使用一张 RM10 优惠券(一次账单结算内可同时使用多张优惠券)
✔E-store同一账单内每消费满 RM25 或以上只能使用一张 RM10 优惠券


还有比这更划算的优惠吗❓现在就打开你手机里的TK APP进行充值吧!

Good news❗TK Bakery’s Anniversary Promotion is here!

From the 8th till 14th of November 2021, every TK App member is entitled to the ⚡Top Up RM50 get additional RM50 cash vouchers for free promotion⚡as a form of appreciation to all of our loyal customers and it’s for unlimited use!
Within the promotion period, when you: ✅TOP UP RM50 in your TK App E-wallet, you will get ✅5 pieces of RM10 CASH VOUCHER at once!

✔Cash Vouchers are valid until 31st December 2021
✔Walk in Customer :- Each RM10 e-voucher can only be used with just a minimum spend of RM25. But what’s more important is that ✔more than 1 voucher is allowed to be applied in a single receipt!
✔Online Purchase Customer :- Each RM10 e-voucher can only be used with just once minimum spend of RM25 or above in a single receipt!

Top up with your TK App now and claim yours!

*Limited time offer
*Terms & Conditions apply
*For TK members only

赶快下载棠记APP即可成为棠记会员 Download TK APP


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Campaign Terms & Conditions:        

1.    Top up via TK Bakery App or outlet.
2.    Valid on 8 - 14 November 2021 (5 days) only.
3.    Every RM50 top up will get RM50 vouchers.
4.    Valid for unlimited sets purchase.
1.    只限于网上充值或在店面充值
2.    优惠只限于11月8日至14日2021年充值方可有效。
3.    每充值RM50即可获得优惠券价值RM50。
4.    顾客可充值无限次以获得优惠券。    

Voucher Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid for all participated outlets. 
2.    This promotion is valid for full price redemption. 
3.     This discount voucher is redeemable with a minimum purchase of RM25.  
4.    The difference amount must be paid by bearer with TK WALLET CREDIT only. 
5.    Not valid with other promotions, discounts, offers, pre-order items or during Outlet Anniversary Sales. 
6.    Redeemable in a single receipt / one transaction. 
7.    Vouchers are not allowed to be combined & accumulated when redeem in E-Store.. 
8.    Limited Time offers
9.    TK Bakery reserved the rights to change, modify, add or delete portion of the terms & conditions at anytime, without prior notice.

•    此优惠只限于特定店面 而已。
•    此优惠卷可用于原价折扣。
•    此折扣卷需购买RM25以上以获得折扣。
•    只限于使用TK WALLET CREDIT以付款价格的差异。
•    此优惠不能用于其他折扣,优惠, 预定产品或当分行促销活动日。 
•    只限于单一单据或交易
•    不可使用两张或以上不同或相同的优惠卷于单一E-Store收据或交易。 
•    限定时间 
•    棠记保留随时更改,修改,添加或删除部分条款和条件的权利。

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