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May 10, 2024


每月十号,会员尊享专属优惠! 每月十号,是我们专属会员期待的日子【棠记会员日】! 让棠记为您的生活增添更多甜蜜。 只需在每月十号光临棠记兄弟饼家门店购物,即可享受会员独享的10%折扣! 记得抓紧时间:每月十号,仅限会员,优惠有限! 棠记会员日,让每月十号都成为值得纪念的特别日子。 *此优惠仅限棠记会员 *需符合活动规则及条件。

【TK Member Day】
On the 10th of every month, Members enjoy exclusive discounts! The 10th of each month is a day to look forward to for our exclusive members【TK Member Day】! Bringing more sweetness to your life with TK Bakery. Just visit any TK Bakery outlet on the 10th of the month to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount for members only! Remember to act fast: only on the 10th of each month, exclusive to members, and limited offers! TK Member Day, making the 10th of every month a memorable day. *Valid for TK App Members only *T&C apply.

#tkbakery #memberday #棠记会员日

Terms & Conditions (条规):

1. Valid on specific dates for the TK Bakery Outlets only.
2. Valid for Walk in Member and purchase on the spot only.
3. This promotion is applicable to all TK Member.
4. Valid purchase for original price items only.
5. Not valid with other on-going promotions, vouchers, privileges or offers, unless otherwise stated.
6. The discount is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other items.
7. Limited Time Offer.
8. TK Bakery reserved the right to change, modify, add, or delete part of the terms & conditions anytime, without prior notice.

1) 此优惠仅限指定日期在棠记店面有效。
2) 此优惠只限于当场在分店内购买而已
3) 此优惠适用于全部会员。
4) 只限于原价购买。 
5) 此优惠不得与其他正在进行的促销活动,优惠券,特权或优惠活动同时使用,除非另有说明。
6) 此折扣不可转让,也不能兑换为现金或其他物品。
7) 限定时间优惠。
8) 棠记保留随时更改,修改,添加或删除部分条款和条件的权利。

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